Erick Cruz arrested for November murder of elderly man

72-year-old murder victim Chris Whitmarch (Photo Credit DPS)

Austin Police have arrested Erick Osmar Cruz for the murder of an elderly man in North Austin. The man was sexually assaulted and then murdered back in November. 

23-year-old Erick Osmar Cruz is now charged with the murder of Chris Whitmarch. The 72-year-old victim was found dead in his home on Shadow Bend on November 18th. According to the autopsy report, Whitmarch had been sexually assaulted before he was strangled. 



Police arrested Cruz this past weekend for breaking into a home and laying on a bed where a man was sleeping. During his arrest, Cruz was fingerprinted. Investigators say his prints were a match for prints found in Whitmarch's home. 

Cruz is being held in the Travis County Jail. His bond is set at 100-thousand dollars. Both investigations are ongoing.