Everman search crews dig up concrete patio paid for by missing boy's mother

The search for the remains of a missing boy at the property where he lived turned up empty on Monday.

Everman police investigators believe that missing 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez is dead, but they still haven't found his body.

On Monday, Texas Search and Rescue assisted police with the search of the wooded areas to the east and north of the property where Noel’s family lived on Wisteria Drive. 

TEXSAR was searching the area on foot, horseback and using drones. Human Remains Detection Canines also searched the area.

"We have a vast array of resources to utilize on these kinds of cases," said Todd Snyder with TEXSAR. "Anything that looks suspicious, that looks out of place that could be an evidentiary item. We are taking our time with being very thorough in the searches."

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Texas Search and Rescue crews (Source: Everman Police)

Crews also dug up the concrete patio in the backyard of the property. Everman police said the boy's mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, purchased the patio and paid a contractor to put it in place within the last month.

Crews previously dug up small pieces of the concrete last week and did not find anything. They spent the night digging up the entire thing. 

"She doesn’t own the home. We find that very odd that she would spend her funds on somebody else’s home to put in a concrete patio, especially one as large and as elaborate as this," said Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer. "When we came out the first time, we didn’t do a complete search of the whole patio with the ground penetrating radar. It did not reveal anything new. However, we know this ground penetrating radar is not 100%. So we are being thorough, making sure we aren’t missing anything."

The who owns the property, Charles Parson, said he did not think there was anything suspicious about it. He let FOX 4 see the aftermath of the digging.

"I kept telling them, the slab was poured after Noel supposedly had disappeared. Why would he be underneath the slab? I think they just tore it up because they, they don't have no idea where he is, and they're frustrated," he said.

Parson said he is also frustrated. Despite the new developments in the investigation, he still believes Noel is alive.

On Friday, police canceled the Missing Endangered Persons Alert for Noel and transitioned from a search for the boy to a death investigation. 

"There hasn’t been any physical evidence to lead us to an exact location yet. This is just where we are starting," Chief Spencer said. "They’re searching for anything and everything that could potentially be linked including Noel himself."

The current search has no particular time frame. 

"We’re going to keep searching until we find him," the chief said. "We are not giving up. All of our investigators are obviously committed on this case."

Police said Noel’s mother along with her new husband, Arshdeep Singh and six other children, left the country without him. They believe the family is now in India.

Rodriguez-Singh allegedly referred to Noel as "evil" and "possessed" and feared the boy may hurt her newly born twins, according to police.

Felony warrants have been issued for both of the adults for abandoning and endangering a child.

People in Everman also gathered Monday night to remember Noel at a candlelight vigil.