Evidence hearing for Colton Turner's mother continues

For the second day in a row, Colton Turner's mother, Meagan Work, sitting next to her lawyers heard evidence against her play out in a Travis County court room. Clad in her prison stripes, Work was attentive as the witnesses testified. 

Her lawyer, Darla Davis is seeking to have evidence and her statements thrown out of court, alleging much of it was obtained unlawfully. 

The presiding Judge, David Wahlberg, ordered no audio be recorded as the case is scheduled for a jury trial.

On Tuesday, one of the witnesses, a Williamson County Jail official testified that work was put on a twenty-four hour suicide watch when she was booked on September 11 in for Child Endangerment. He said it was standard procedure for that kind of charge. 

Much of Tuesday afternoon though was spent hearing testimony from Cedar Park Detective Christopher Dailey. He says before questioning her, he read Work her Miranda rights and that she understood. Dailey interviewed her in the late hours of September tenth through September eleventh, while the frantic search for her son Colton was underway. 

Video during that interview was shown to the court. In it, Work can be heard sobbing and vomiting. She told police at the time, she was four months pregnant.  

Work and Dailey also had a conversation about a lawyer, though she never asked for one directly.

Dailey says, Are you asking for an attorney?"

Work replies, "I don't know what I am going to do."

Dailey responds, "Do you think you need an attorney?"

"I don't know," says Work. 

Dailey then asks, "Did you do anything wrong?"

"I haven't done anything wrong," Work replies, "But I kind of lied about what's going on."

After the exchange, Dailey testified that Work repeatedly changed her story about what happened to Colton.

Work's attorney Darla Davis Attorney says her client wanted an attorney and that that is just one of many things over the first five days of the case that was mishandled. She also says evidence was seized unlawfully. And her in her motion adds, that although Work waived her Miranda Rights, she didn't "have the mental capacity to knowingly and voluntarily" do so.

Her son, two-year old son's remains were found buried in a shallow grave in South Austin. Police Work's boyfriend, Michael Turner, who was in custody on an un-related case, led them to the site. According to arrest warrants for the couple, Work and Turner both told police the child had died in July.

Work is being charged with Injury to a Child and Tampering with Evidence.

Turner is also being held in connection with the toddler's death. 

Trials for the two are scheduled for late Fall. 

This hearing will resume on Wednesday with testimony from an FBI agent. The Judge says he expects the hearing will also wrap on Wednesday.