Evidence ruled inadmissible in Colton Turner Case

A Travis County Judge ruled on evidence today in the case of the mother accused in connection with her son's death. Judge David Wahlberg suppressed many of the statements Meagan Work made to Police while they were searching for her son, Colton Turner.

The two year-old's remains were found in a South East Austin grave last September. Police say he had been buried there since July. Work was taken in for questioning after pictures of the bruised toddler were brought to Cedar Park Police.

She was interviewed in a home on September 10th. But, Judge Wahlberg ruled much of what she told Police from the time she was taken into custody on September 10 through September 13 will not be admissible.

During the initial hearing in August, Cedar Park Police had testified that they placed Work in an interview room and questioned her. She would not be placed under arrest until September 11. Wahlberg called the initial arrest "unlawful".

A DNA swab taken from Work was also ruled inadmissible.

In light of Judge Wahlberg's ruling, Work's lawyers plan to challenge any search warrants obtained by Police during the time that was ruled inadmissible. A hearing is scheduled for November.

The case is scheduled to go to trial in late February.


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