Exclusive: Bodycam shows fire rescue at senior community apartments

A senior community in Austin is looking to rebuild following a devastating fire. A building at St. George's Court caught fire back in October.

It was an electrical fire which was ruled accidental. No injuries were reported and a total of seven people are currently having to stay temporarily at a sister location until construction is done.

FOX 7 Austin obtained exclusive body camera footage of the fire. The body camera footage follows a police officer as he responded to the fire, the area where Olivia Stevens lives. “It was pretty close to me, I was like oh my goodness that's close,” said Stevens.

Residents flooded 911 asking for help. The officer from the body cam helped a person in a wheelchair get to safety. You could also see smoke quickly filling the area.

No injuries were reported. The 8-unit complex was a total loss and seven people are now living in temporary housing at a sister complex. The building remains completely fenced off but you can still see a lot of debris as well as “keep out” signs, they serve as a constant reminder of that night.

“Constantly every day you're reminded cause it's right there every time I go out to get in my car,” said Stevens. Stevens lives in the building right next door to the fire.

“The wind could have taken it and blew it this way you know but it didn't,” said Stevens.

Four months have passed from that devastating morning, now the senior community apartment is looking to rebuild. “A lot of memories were burned in that fire,” said Stevens.

The property manager tells FOX 7 Austin they plan to begin construction soon and also plan to bring back the people forced to leave. Many are Stevens' friends.

“I knew everybody in there. We’re a pretty close community around here you know. Everybody pretty much knows everyone or at least their faces,” said Stevens. For now, Stevens said she is ready for everyone to move back and to finally put this nightmare to bed.

The property owner tells us they plan to start construction next month.

Once it's done they will move those who had to move back in.



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