Expert who examined body cam footage testifies in APD excessive force trial

Officers Robert Pfaff and Donald Petraitis are accused of using excessive force on 30-year-old Quentin Perkins, whose family was present at the trial.

The two officers were responding to a shooting near 12th and Red River on Feb. 16 of this year. 

Perkins was among a group who witnessed the shooting, when officers arrived and told everyone to get on the ground. As shown in body camera footage, Perkins did drop to his knees with his hands up and was tased at that point.

The defense argues that Perkins did not comply with some orders.

On Day 5 of the trial, the state brought forward their last witness Dr. Howard Williams who is a former Austin police officer and a doctor who has researched the effects and use of tasers.  

He says Perkins was in a non-threatening position and the law says a tasing shouldn't have happened 

The state rested their case Monday afternoon. The defense opened their case, saying the officers were responding to a precarious situation and the fact that Perkins did not lay down on the ground justified their actions.

They brought forward four of their witnesses, three of whom were part of the group walking to the bars that evening. The officers were indicted on a number of accusations that include tampering with evidence, tampering with a government record, and aggravated perjury.