Families of organ donors honored

An Austin mother is speaking out about organ donation after losing her son in a tragic accident. Today her family, along with others, was recognized for their sacrifices to save lives.

There's not a day that passes that the Cummings family does not think about their son Carson. He was struck by a car in Los Angeles. He died in January 2012.

“It's just something every parent, it's just their ultimate fear. You still have such disbelief that this is your life, and that was. That was my baby,” Melisa Cummings, Carson’s mother, said.

Carson had dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

“He walked into a room and it just lit up,” Cummings said.

Even after his death, Carson remains a star. His liver saved University of Texas alumna, Adele Brown.

“I get to live a new life but I also get to know this incredible family and this boy who is just so amazing. I get to try and honor him,” Brown said.

“She couldn't have been a more perfect choice to receive Carson's liver,” Cummings said.

Adele was born with a life-threatening liver condition. After a long wait for a transplant, she got the call about Carson.

“When they took my liver out, the doctor said that I wouldn't have lasted much longer,” she said.

Saturday, the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance gathered to honor donor families like the cummings. It was their 18th Lights of Life ceremony.

“There are more than 123,000 men, women and children awaiting a life-saving transplant right now, 12,000 of them are Texans,” Michelle Segovia, Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, said.

Carson's kidneys and heart saved three other people.

“When it's the worst day of your life, you want to make the decision that your loved one would want,” Cummings said.

Although burdened with sadness on that tragic day, the Cummings family wanted to honor their son, who gave his life to give another.

“I’ve always said, he was just bigger than life, and then even through losing him, he's still bigger than life,” Cummings said.

To become a donor, you can register at donatelifetexas.org or at The Department of Public Safety when you renew your license.