Families of Uvalde school shooting victims prepare for one year anniversary

During the Uvalde City Council meeting on Monday, May 22, Pastor Tony Gruben opened with a prayer for the victims' families as this week marks a year since a gunman entered Robb Elementary School, and killed 19 students and 2 teachers.

"Sometimes it may be difficult to say I don't know if we are even beginning to grieve and beginning to heal," says Pastor Tony Gruben.

The Uvalde community will gather together on Wednesday, May 24 to remember the lives that were taken.

"This week is a tough week we can't imagine what these families are going through one year, and we still can't give you the answers you need," says city of Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin.

"Darkest of times, I've done lots of funerals. I've never experienced anything as sad as gut-wrenching heartbreaking as all of this," says Pastor Gruben.

Last week, city officials released an open letter requesting privacy for the victims' families as they mourn. The news of the mass shooting touched hearts of people from all over the country.

While people may feel compelled to show their support to the Uvalde community, the letter says in part, "we appreciate the love and support, please host something in your hometown in their honor."

"This is not about us, this is about these families, these survivors, and it's their time, it is our time to reflect on the memories of the children that loss their lives that day and the two teachers," says Mayor McLaughlin.

During a press conference, city officials weren't able to give an update on details of the investigation.

"I can't speak for the other agencies, but I can tell you when we started this the Uvalde Police Department or city of Uvalde, they were the first to call for an internal investigation, and we've been blocked since day one," says Mayor McLaughlin.