Family cat snatched by coyote from North Austin homeowner's yard

A surveillance camera captured a coyote attacking a cat in North Austin. Bill Benedict reviewed the video on May 16th and watched as his beloved cat of 16 years was snatched from his front yard.

Benedict said his wife was in tears. Benedict’s home is near Cook Elementary.

After the coyote attacked he feared for his neighbors and their pets.

Mark Sloat of Austin Animal Services is reminding residents to be vigilant. It’s denning season and pups will soon be out and about. Coyotes prey on small animals and scavenge for food and fruit.

Sloat said homeowners should avoid leaving their pets and cat food outside."It's okay if they pass through somebody's yard at night but we don't want them passing through when we are out there they need to know that when were there they can't be there,” Sloat said. "We want to make sure food is picked up at night even water sources really because again the coyotes will go to whatever is easier."

Another deterrent is hazing, Sloat said if homeowners see a coyote they should make themselves big, yell and throw sticks and rocks at it. For more information on coyotes, click here.