Family of Austin man searches for answers surrounding traffic death

A memorial is located in the place where 28-year-old David Castro was hit by a car October 16. His mother Connie Morgado remembers every detail about that early morning.

“He was just lying there,” said Morgado.

Police say a Nissan Pathfinder going eastbound struck and killed Castro on Stassney Lane. But the perplexing thing for the family is, he was already lying in the road for some reason. Morgado said she did hear from one witness.

“The man saw him with his head open already, on the phone. Maybe he had a fight, something happened,” said Morgado.

According to the Austin Police Department, the driver stayed on scene.

“They aren't charging her, because my son was already down. My question is, how did he get there?” said Morgado.

The family is taking the mystery hard. Castro leaves behind three children.

“I didn't know how to react to it. It was the hardest moment for me,” said Natalie Castro, Castro’s nine-year-old daughter.

“The kids, they loved being around him, now there's just this big void there,” said Morgado.

Why was he in the roadway? This is the question that has not been answered for the family. As they wait, they are hoping someone can share some info about anything they saw the morning of October 16.

“I just want to know what happened to him. Was he in an altercation with somebody? Who did he talk to last? Somebody saw something,” said Morgado.

If you have any information, call APD’s Vehicular Homicide Unit at 512-974-4424.