Family of man killed in Austin mass shooting wants justice, closure after new suspect named

The family of the victim killed in this month’s mass shooting in Downtown Austin wants closure and justice after a new suspect was named.

Austin police dropped all charges against two teens who were arrested for the mass shooting in Austin’s busy Sixth Street on June 12 that left one person dead and 14 more injured. They now have a new suspect wanted for killing 25-year-old Doug Kantor.

Austin police revealed on Tuesday that new witness interviews and evidence reveal 19-year-old De’ondre White killed Doug. Multiple Texas agencies are involved in a manhunt searching for him.

De’ondre “Dre” White

After the shooting, White allegedly changed his appearance by cutting and dying his hair. White was interviewed by APD detectives and then returned to Killeen where he went into hiding.

"Our investigation has revealed that White is responsible for the murder of Doug Kantor as well as shooting many if not all of our shooting victims," explained Austin Interim Chief Joseph Chacon.

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Austin PD says White was part of an argument between two rival groups from Killeen, Texas, which is 70 miles north of Austin.

Police say the groups had a disagreement in the days leading up to the shooting. Then, the two groups came in contact with each other on Sixth, escalating to gunfire. 

"Many of them had handguns," Chacon said. 

But Tuesday, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza announced he’s dropping all charges against the two teenagers initially charged in connection to the mass shooting.

Initially, an unnamed 15-year-old faced a deadly conduct charge and 17-year-old Jeremiah Tabb faced aggravated assault. As of Tuesday afternoon, Tabb was no longer listed in the Travis County jail.

Police admit the teens did pull out weapons, but it’s still unclear if either of them actually opened fire.

"At this point in the investigation, dismissing is what is in the best interest of this investigation in ensuring to put forward the best case we can," Garza said.

Doug’s family says they’re shocked. 

"It’s like whatever little bit of hope or peace that we had was ripped out of our arms, just like my brother’s life," said his brother, Nick Kantor.

Doug was visiting Austin from Michigan to celebrate his recent master’s degree and set to marry his high school sweetheart. 


"It’s absurd they are giving these guys a pass," said Larry Lightner, Doug’s uncle. "Granted, they want the murderer, but these guys are as much as part of the shooting as the guy they are telling me is the only one who was pulling the trigger."

Austin police revealed White was questioned, released and returned to Killeen after the shooting. He then allegedly cut and dyed his hair before going into hiding. 

Meanwhile, the Kantor family is preparing for a funeral this weekend. 

"It doesn’t bring my brother back," Nick said. "It doesn’t necessarily make us feel better." 

Police say White is considered armed and dangerous and are asking for the public’s help.

Austin police also say the murder weapon is linked to other violent crimes in the area. However, they aren't disclosing what type of crimes or where they took place.