Family rescues sea turtle tangled in crab trap rope in Tampa Bay

Lindsey Fish was fishing with her husband and son on the Tampa side of the Tampa Bay fishing channel on Friday when they saw a sea turtle struggling for air.

Fish said its front and back flippers on one side were tangled in a crab trap rope, which made it difficult for the turtle to get a good breath.

Fish called the FWC Wildlife Alert phone number, but said they told her they weren’t sure when they’d be able to get someone out to help the turtle, so her husband jumped into the water.

Once he was able to get close enough to the worn-out turtle to be able to grab the crab trap line, he and brought it back to the boat.

They were able to pull the crab trap onto the boat and unravel the rope from the turtle's legs.

Once free, the turtle swam off. 

Fish said they took video and photos and sent them to the FWC, so they could complete a report on the turtle rescue.