Fatal shooting in Cedar Park now being investigated as a murder, suicide

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It was an ambush at this Cedar Park home on Dogwood Trail.

Saturday evening members of the Garcia family were returning from a fun day at the lake, when investigators said a man identified as Elijah Stone emerged with a gun.

“From what we can gather, we believe it was premeditated or planned, so that’s what we’re still working on, determining,” said Detective Kristy Whitley.

Detective Whitley said they may not know Stone’s motive but they do know he is from Austin and that he is a member of the family. According to Whitley, Stone had a falling out with his family 10 years ago had even changed his last name.

“It doesn't’t need to come to the point of violence like it did on Saturday ... I think the family was unaware of maybe the extent due to the time of separation, or length of separation, a lot can change in a period of 10 years,” said Detective Whitley.

Stone shot and killed his brother John and mortally wounded his Neice, Hailey Reyes. According to a spokesperson with Comal ISD, Reyes is a licensed specialist in school psychology and worked with special needs children at several schools.

Stone’s other brother, Paul Garcia, who owns the house arrived just moments after the shooting. 

“He was weirdly calm, but I think it was shock,” said Nicole Deer. 

Paul Garcia, according to Deere, approached her and other neighbors as they gathered at a nearby street corner.

"And he was like, my brother and niece have just been shot,” said Deere.

Before police could arrived at the scene Stone shot and killed himself. Investigators spent much of Monday looking into Stone’s background.

So far they have not found anything that would have provide a warning that Saturday's attack was going to happen.