Father, stepmom say suspect going on trial for 7-year-old's murder isn't the right one

On December 30, 2018, 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes was shot and killed while riding in a car with her mother and siblings along Sam Houston Parkway feeder and Wallisville Road.

On Tuesday, 27-year-old Larry Woodruffe goes on trial for capital murder.

"I really want justice for the right person, not the wrong person," said Chris Cevilla, Jazmine's father.

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Cevilla says he's questioning Woodruffe's involvement. He and his wife, Heather, go back to one of the things that made this a national story.

Investigators first stated the gunman was white with blue eyes. But then 23-year-old Eric Black and Woodruffe were arrested.

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Black has pleaded guilty to murder and is expected to testify against Woodruffe, the alleged gunman.

Black reportedly claims to be the driver.

"You started with a white guy, blue eyes, stubble on his face, red truck. Suddenly I don't know what kind of car it was, and it ended up being two young Black guys, and you're in a car with no tint on it. It's impossible for you to be mistaken for someone else," Cevilla said.

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Jazmine's stepmother, Heather Cevilla, says she can't forget what Jazmine's siblings said at the hospital.

"She said my mom got into it with this guy, she was buying us candy and soda, and they were arguing at the gas station. It was a white guy with blue eyes, and he was in a red truck. He came on the side of us and my sister's brains were all over the place. Is she going to come back?" Heather Cevilla said. "How can you change that story in a 6-year-old's brain make it make sense to me."

According to court documents, Eric Black will be sentenced after he testifies against Woodruffe.

The maximum sentence Black faces is 35 years in prison.