FBI specialty child abduction team one of the many units who aided in the search for Austin missing mother and baby

It's with heavy hearts law enforcement announced the body of Austin mother Heidi Broussard was found in Harris County Friday. The only light that shined on such a dark day was her newborn baby Margo Carey was alive and well.
"We were very thankful that through the combined efforts here we were able to recover baby Margo and the baby seems to be in very good health," said Special Agent in Charge, Christopher Combs.
Multiple agencies brought the week-long search to a close. Austin police, Texas Rangers and the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team known as CARD.

Combs said the team of 75 special trained agents work side by side with agencies across the nation.
"They do this continuously where most police departments Thank God don't have child abductions frequently so to have a group that comes in and has that expertise to act as consultants who do this 50 times a year really adds to the discussion and really helps the local police departments,” said Combs. "What that team really brings to bear is that expertise of being through so many of these abductions, knowing how they work, the clues they we should look at."
The team came to fruition in 2006 and since then anytime a child's life is in danger the CARD team is deployed. As of December 2019 the team has been deployed 167 times. CARD has worked to save 178 victims.