Federal Trade Commission is investigating Facebook's privacy practices

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating Facebook's privacy practices and this isn't the first time.

Now, the social media giant is accused of collecting data from people's phone calls and text messages. 

It was recently disclosed that data from nearly 50 million users ended up in the hands of political consulting group, Cambridge Anaylytica, linked to the Trump campaign.

Now Facebook is under even more scrutiny. There are reports that the company was keeping records of phone calls and texts of Android users through its messenger app.

Facebook denies it was done without consent instead saying it was an "opt-in" feature.

But, data on friends of users who downloaded a quiz app was reportedly also released. In a settlement with the FTC in 2011, Facebook was required to make several improvements including giving consumers clear and prominent notice and obtaining consent before their information is shared.

There are 37 state attorneys generals who are demanding to know when Facebook found out about the breach. In turn, they are also taking a financial hit.

The company's value is down billions. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is getting continued pressure to testify before Congress.