Feds say California serial rapist was living in Decatur, arrested

Police say a serial rapist who terrorized and sexually assaulted a number of women in California back in the '90s has been living in a quiet DeKalb County neighborhood for years. 

Mark Manteuffel, 59, was picked up by the FBI at his home on Waterford Cove Friday.  

"There was a major FBI presence, 25 to 30 agents, and vehicles here," said neighbor Georgia Lee. 

Investigators call Manteuffel a serial rapist who brutally attacked his victims. 

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"Between May of 1992 and March of 1994, three women in the Sacramento region were victimized by the same violent, sexual assault suspect," said Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn. 

Police say they were able to link the cases together through DNA, but for decades the identity of the attacker was unknown. That is, until now. 

"We were able to use genetic genealogy to help identify our suspect," said Chief Hahn. 

Police say Manteuffel worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for almost 20 years. Now retired, he was living in DeKalb County. 

Neighbors were alarmed to learn the man accused of being a serial rapist lived next door. 

"He was very quiet, they did a lot of yard and house reconstruction kind of things, and he was out in the yard a lot," said Lee.

Neighbors say the woman he lived with was just as shocked as they were about the arrest. Several described her as a wonderful woman, and just hope she can somehow move on with her life. 

"I just hope that the person who still lives there can have some privacy after this because I would be in a very bad state and I think she is too," said Lee. 

Manteuffel had an extradition hearing Tuesday morning and was on his way back to California Tuesday evening.  He faces several charges including rape, torture, and sodomy.