Fire departments investigating series of explosions in San Marcos

Video shows the moment one of two sudden explosions sounded off in San Marcos. Investigators say the explosions happened near an area with food trucks.

"Our units arrived on scene at 6:11 and began to engage in a small fire that was remaining from the first food truck that exploded when at 6:20 a second explosion occurred," San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens said.

No injuries were reported, something firefighters were thankful to hear.

"The yellow tape is the debris field, where we found debris. So if anybody had been around it when those two major explosions occurred, there definitely could have been serious injuries and possibly death," San Marcos Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner said.

The explosions happened very close to the Texas State University campus, waking many students up from their sleep.

"My girlfriend and I live up the hill. The first explosion really shook our house, paintings fell off the wall. We thought either a tree fell on the house. Our roommate said earthquake. But it felt too sudden to be an earthquake," student Sam Wienecke said.

“We just felt like this giant crash. We honestly thought it was the structural integrity of the building,” said Skylar Jaramillo.

The explosion's effect resonated across the street, shattering the windows at the Mochas Javas coffee shop. Ferrin Bavousett was there to help with the cleanup.

"This morning I got a call at 6 a.m. from the property manager, it wasn't my alarm clock, asking if we had any leftover supplies. Sometimes when you come out to fix something you end up having to fix something else. We are very thankful that we were able to be here on a short term notice that way it doesn't disrupt their business," said Bavousett.

The city of San Marcos initially said a propane tank caused the fire; however, the fire chief said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.