Fire displaces Cedar Creek family of seven

This is the third fire Kathy Rambo has been through. The latest one started just around 5:30 on Monday afternoon, and she smelled the smoke quickly.

“I jumped up and went in the kitchen and there was nothing on. Then I caught out the edge of my eye, the utility door was on fire,” said Rambo.

She ran down the hall to warn her grandchildren and other family. The family was able to get out, except some pets. “My grandchildren are disabled persons, so to them it's a little bit more devastating because that's their whole world, all of those things,” said Rambo.

When firefighters arrived, the house was already a loss...and the cause is still a mystery. “It's just scary and devastating. Once you lose everything, you think about wow, I took everything for granted,” said Sarah Bustamantes, Kathy’s granddaughter.

At this point, the family is hoping to receive any donations, after finding out their insurance will not cover the full cost of replacement. “Look at that house, it's gone. My home is gone. I’m asking everybody who is watching right now, please help us,” said Bustamantes.

“The Red Cross has actually helped us with vouchers. We bought what little clothes we could. Anything will be appreciated, blankets, pillows, clothes, anything,” said Jennifer Rambo, Kathy’s daughter.

Most of what was lost in this home can be replaced, but the family and certain treasures cannot be replaced, like items from Kathy's late husband. “I had 45 years of my life in there. All those things are gone. Things that my husband gave to me, that was precious to me.  With the insurance money I did what he asked. He said get a home for the family. So I got a home for the family, now we have to start all over. There's nothing,” she said.

If you wish to donate, you can call Jennifer Rambo at 512-968-3351.