Firefighter loses job for taking Harvey relief funds he didn't need

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey left many in the Houston community in desperate need of help and assistance, including the first responders.

"There are a lot of firefighters, and police officers as well, that were out there serving the citizens of Houston while their own homes were being flooded," said Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association president Marty Lancton.

Houston's 4,000 firefighters had to put their own personal Harvey hardships on hold while they saved scores of citizens from floodwaters.

But FOX 26 News discovered one Houston firefighter claimed to be affected by Harvey, and took advantage of the aid.

The Texas State Fire Union and the International Association of Fire Fighters accepted donations from throughout the U.S. to help firefighters affected by Harvey.

"We processed over 300 firefighters, not only from the Houston area, but from Corpus all the way to Beaumont," added Lancton.

As an initial way to get help, firefighters with homes damaged by Harvey could get $500 gift cards from both unions.

The deceitful firefighter took the $1,000 in gift cards and then bragged in a chat room that he really didn't need it because he had not personally dealt with any hurricane damage at his home.

Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Pena reportedly terminated that firefighter.

Through a spokesperson, FOX 26 asked if any other firefighters were under investigation but there has been no response yet.