Firefighters in Bastrop getting help

Firefighters in Bastrop are getting some help from above. Neighboring counties brought in several resources, including Star Flight.

Planes were grounded at sunset but managed to dump thousands of gallons of water onto the flames.

STAR Flight sent STAR Flight 2, an EC-145, which is the smaller of the two helicopters. It dumps water from a bucket while the larger one, a Huey also known as STAR Flight 4, uses a hose and can cover a much wider area in a shorter amount of time.

Typically these aircrafts have a pilot, co-pilot and crew member. The planes can also refuel near when they are assisting.

Officials tell FOX 7 that the state will send in two Blackhawks and four single engine air tankers to fight this from the air first thing in the morning.

STAR Flight will be on reserve on Wednesday in case their help is needed again.