Firework malfunction leads to multiple grass fires in Kyle

The City of Kyle had a malfunction during their Fourth of July fireworks celebration, which caused multiple grass fires as fireworks somehow where ignited at the same time.

A viewer sent FOX 7 video of what appears to be a shell exploding just a few feet away from them. No injuries were reported during this malfunction. The show happened at Plum Creek and the fires happened out in the conservation area near the retention pound.


"Something went wrong," said Tom Eversdyk who lives near the fireworks show.

The City of Kyle's firework celebration was cut short when dozens of fireworks somehow got lit at the same time. The unexpected malfunction taking many watching the show by surprise.

"It was a large explosion the fireworks instead of going up they went to the side," said Eversdyke, "A lot of people were worried some of these people were injured or something like that." Eversdyk who has a prime view of the fireworks every year from his balcony watch as the show took a drastic turn.

"The noise was a lot louder than usual and the windows here were shaking," said Eversdyk.

The usually 30 minute show ended in half the time, but the problems were far from over.

"All of a sudden there was a glow on the horizon, and we saw what looked like ambulances were coming we could see them coming in the golf course then we heard fire trucks," said Eversdyk.

The misfires sparked several small grass fire in the plum creek area. "First instinct was ‘Is everybody ok'  and then to keep everybody wanting to come down and take a look to keep them back," said Kerry Urbanowick the Kyle Parks and Rec director.

As fire crews were already on scene the fires were put out quickly. Eversdyk hopes the city will redo the show. "I wish they would have it this weekend because we are all still pumped up about the 4th of July and it's a long 4th of July weekend I think it would be great if they did this Saturday or Sunday," said Eversdyk. For now, he's just glad no one got hurt in a situation which could have been much worse.

The city is still investigating what caused the malfunction. Right now they are in talks of either redoing the show on another weekend or adding more fireworks to another celebration event.