Fireworks display takes over Brooklyn street as New York cracks down on illegal fireworks

Crown Heights, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, experienced an elaborate late-night fireworks display as New York City works to crack down on illegal fireworks.

Firework-related complaints increased drastically in June, with “more than 1700 fireworks-related complaints to the city’s noise complaint hotline” through the first half of the month, NBC New York reported.

On June 16, Christopher Maslanka shared the footage of one such display in Brooklyn and told Storyful he was traveling with a friend through the area when he witnessed the incident.

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“I have encountered many random people setting off large mortars but nothing like this where there was a large swarm of people who came running down the street,” Maslanka told Storyful. 

He added, “I sat around for another five minutes but they disappeared as quickly as they came.”