Fireworks expected to light up local business this 4th of July

It's the last minute push before America's birthday.

"You try so hard to be prepared but you can never be totally prepared," says American Fireworks' Owner and C.E.O. Chester Davis.

No one is looking forward to celebrating more than he is.

"It has been so many years," he says. "Maybe 15 or 20 for us that we've had a Spring that had so much rain but made everything so beautiful and so green."

Because of that, he's banking on this fourth to be his best one yet, "We are free to sell what we have that are legal fireworks."

This July 4th doesn't have a burn ban. Davis though is still making up for his losses in 2011 during one of the decades worst droughts. A burn ban prevented him from selling anything. He was almost forced to close his doors.

"We just kept our inventory and didn't purchase any inventory, and tried to control our budget as much as we could."

But he says he's a true entrepreneur, "I take tremendous risks. I have to buy my fireworks from china a year in advance." And he's living the American dream.

He says he's living the American dream.

"I am an apple pie, Chevrolet, fireworks kind of guy."

And this year those boxes of fireworks are flying off the shelves at his Bastrop warehouse, "they're allowed to shoot stick rockets and vessels," he says of what's permitted this year. "They can shoot all the big stuff and get high as they can and the big explosions."

That includes refillable like the artillery shell, this year he says. it's their number one seller.

He has eleven days in the summer and thirteen in the winter to make his mark.

"All of this is really unimportant if I fail to reach someone about the safety of fireworks," He adds, "I don't care if they just light sparklers but I want the parents to show their children how to do things safely."

Here are some of safety tips from American Fireworks:

  • Use in a clear, open area; light one item at a time
  • Do not drink and light fireworks
  • Never light near flammable materials
  • Never experiment with homemade fireworks
  • Keep at a safe distance.