"Fixing homelessness in ATX is easy," says Texas Gov. Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is weighing in on homelessness again after another stabbing in downtown Austin last night. 

"Fixing homelessness in ATX is easy,"  Gov. Abbott said in a tweet before listing four steps: 

  1. Put public safety first. 
  2. Open large shelters that can accommodate > [more than] 200 people. 
  3. Provide mental health, drug addiction help + job training skills. 
  4. Then focus on long term housing

"Austin doesn't have the leadership to do this." Governor Abbott wrote to end the tweet. 

The tweet was in response to another stabbing that occurred Friday night in downtown Austin, according to the Governor. 

Right before the above-mentioned tweet the Governor also tweeted about the Friday night's stabbing saying in part, "Austin policies are not compassionate for the homeless or anyone else. Their policies are dangerous for everyone." 

There has been no response from Austin leaders yet. 

This is not the first time the Governor Abbott has spoken out about crimes occurring in the downtown area.

Governor Abbott recently issued a statement saying that city leaders have allowed "lawlessness throughout the capital city" resulting in violence against Austin residents. 

The "violence" he is referring to are the multiple stabbings and assaults that have occurred throughout January. 

Last week, a transit woman went on a stabbing spree that included a couple of UT students, prompting UT Police and the APD to increase their security efforts. 

Earlier in the month, another transient man stabbed two Free Birds employees, killing one of them before jumping off the roof of the building, eventually leading to his own death. 

As a response to these assaults, Governor Abbott sent a letter to the director of DPS ordering troopers to do extra patrols around state facilities.