Flood water from Colorado River flowing into Lake Buchanan

Flood waters from Brownwood are now pouring into Lake Buchanan. The lake looks much different than a year ago. But it may take a few more days before we will notice the change the water flowing in now will make.

The flood surge, from Lake Brownwood rushed under the HWY 190 bridge near San Saba at day break. The debris rushing downstream crashed into an area known as Flatrock near the community of Bend. It was a sight that brought back memories for longtime resident John Byrd.

Byrd recalls, "Its, well it washed out the old bridge in 1930 something, so it got high."

The muddy water pushed fish into shallow areas and flushed out snakes. For everything and everyone  along the river it was a scramble to get out of the way

"I call the old gentleman last night that owns this and told him he better get his stuff out because it was going to crest pretty high, if he don't want it to get wet he better move it."

By midday the water level is expected to be at 30 feet. That is up 28 feet from a few days ago.  There wasn’t much water Wednesday in the Colorado. The change from a mostly dry,  rocky bed happened in a matter of minutes. There was no giant wall of water and property owners, like Norman Pierce are thankful for that, but there will be a mess to clean up later.

"Every time it does this we get debris, no like said it’s been 4or 5 years we've been debris free,  one year we had a pile as big and tall as a house, I mean super debris."

What doesn’t stay stuck along the bend will eventually flow on downstream into Lake Buchannan. Some of the changes are already happening along the shoreline. In anticipation of higher water moving in soon LCRA crews today started cutting back the brush that has grown up in the swimming area for the past several years.