Flooding in Lee County as residents brace for more rain

Swollen creeks and swift moving water could be found around parts of Lee County Monday. Storms dumped heavy rains in a short amount of time. Reports of up to eight and nine inches fell in some areas.

With more weather on the way officials are concerned about what the rest of the week may hold.

Water covered Highway 77 in Lincoln and shut down FM 1624.

"It's my backyard and was a pasture but it looks like a river," said Kenneth Davis.

The Yegua Creek is up in his backyard. It's a site he hasn't seen in years.

"It's usually just got two or three inches in it," said Davis.

Delynn Peschke is the emergency management coordinator for Lee County. He spent Monday taking calls about problem spots. Crews scattered high water signs across the county and don't plan on putting them away.

"Because of all the rain we have had the ground can't take it anymore it is saturated. Any rain we get and it will cause the creeks to go up," said Peschke. He's concerned about the rest of the week with more rain in the forecast.

He stresses drivers take to heart the old saying of turn around don't drown.

Davis will keep his eye on the sky hoping he and his wife don't have to evacuate.

Officials responded to five crashes involving drivers who lost control due to water on the roads. They did not have to respond to any swift water rescues and hope to keep it that way.