Following 14-month search woman finds dog through micro-chip, says she's not getting him back

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“It was May 14th 2015,” said Karla Walker.

That was the last time Walker says she saw her two Pit bull puppies Trae and Zero who are both micro-chipped.

“We micro-chipped them in early April 2015 because puppies can go missing,” said vet technician Breanna Hearne.

“I called the micro-chip company and reported them stolen or lost,” Walker said.

Walker says she went to area animal shelters, including the one in Conroe. She posted pictures on lost pet websites says she plastered flyers everywhere and canvassed neighborhoods.

“We found out after searching the neighborhoods that multiple dogs had come up missing,” Herne said.

After 14 months of searching, Walker says she got a call last Sunday night from the micro-chip company.

“I started crying,”  Walker said. “I was really excited and really  blessed to know that he had been taken care of.”

But the call wasn’t to reunite Walker with Trae. The call was about transferring the micro-chip to someone else’s name. Turns out back in January Trae ended up in the Conroe Animal Shelter.

“They had him basically for 5 days,” said Walker. “There’s no reason he shouldn’t have been scanned.”

No one at the shelter on Tuesday could tell Walker or us whether or not the dog was scanned.

After his 5 day stay here, he was given to Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue which found Trae a new home.

“The rescue is saying their paperwork that the shelter gave them says that he was not chipped,” Walker said.

Now Walker says the new owner and the rescue group are refusing to return Trae to her.

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I’ve never had an instance where someone micro-chipped a pet and the people are refusing to give the dog back,” Hearne said.

I will do everything I can to get my boy back home with me,” Walker said. “To the home that he was born into.”

The executive director of Long Way Home Pit Bull Rescue told us,” We have been speaking and working closely with Karla Walker to resolve an issue. At this time we prefer to keep our communication directly with Ms. Walker.”