Ford Motor Company offers to fix all patrol units for APD

Ford Motor Company has offered to cover the costs to fix Ford Explorers used by first responders. 

This comes after the City of Austin made the decision to pull all Ford Explorers from fleet. Dozens of Ford Explorers have been found to be leaking carbon monoxide fumes sickening Austin Police Department officers.

Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration both have ongoing investigations into the issue.

The Ford Motor Company announced on Friday that holes and unsealed spaces have been discovered in the back of some police units. According to the same statement, the unsealed spaces were created when police equipment was installed into the vehicles, after leaving Ford's factory.

To address these concerns, Ford is offering to cover the costs of specific repairs in police units leaking carbon monoxide regardless of age, mileage, or aftermarket modifications made after purchase. 

Since February of this year, officers with the Austin Police Department have reported 69 incidents of carbon monoxide leaks. 20 police officers have had carbon monoxide detected in their blood. 

Three remain off duty because of the side effects from exposure.

If a customer believes their vehicle may be experiencing an issue, they should bring it to a Ford dealer. 

Customers can also call a dedicated hotline at 888-260-5575.