Former AFD lieutenant charged after allegedly setting up camera in locker room

A former Austin Fire Department lieutenant will be charged with invasive visual recording, that's according to a source at the Travis County District Attorney’s office.

The former supervisor quickly retired after allegations that he set up recording equipment in the women’s locker room of a fire station. The allegations surfaced back in September.

The Austin Firefighters Association President says the alleged conduct happened at fire station number one downtown. A source at the D.A.’s office says he captured a female co-worker on camera. “If this alleged conduct is substantiated, it's absolutely disgusting,” said Bob Nicks, Austin Firefighters Association President.

Nicks says he's not surprised by these allegations...because of complaints in the past.

“There was not a proper investigation from the fire chief at the time. It's our thought as a membership that, if that would've been done and dealt with then it might've stopped this from happening,” said Nicks.

The former supervisor, who we will not name until the warrant is made public, faces up to two years in prison if convicted. “This is a huge break of trust in the fire department when you do this to another fellow firefighter, and the members are in an uproar about it right now,” said Nicks.

Fire chief Rhoda Mae Kerr released this statement:

"...The alleged actions he has been accused of are not indicative of the incredible men and women of the Austin Fire Department, and certainly not a fair representation of all they do to serve our community every day. " -Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr

“This is not how firefighters operate. In fact, he is not a firefighter in my mind, if it turns out that what is alleged is true,” said Nicks.