Former APD officer raising money for officer seriously injured in ATV crash

An Austin police officer who was paralyzed in an ATV crash in New Mexico last month is receiving help from a former APD officer. Austin Police Officer Tammy Barrett was on a family vacation last month in New Mexico when she went on an ATV ride that would change her life.

Barrett went over a cliff, falling 45 feet. She was pinned under the ATV for several hours before first responders could free her. Former APD officer and current Williamson County Sheriff's Office Reserve Deputy Jason Borne, was Barrett's shift mate. 

"Life can change at any minute one minute you are on vacation with family and the next minute you are at the bottom of a cliff with first responders standing over you and you can't feel your legs," said Borne,

Barrett underwent more than 14 hours of spinal surgery, due to the severity of her injuries doctors said the chances of her walking again are slim to none. To help with Barrett's medical expenses, Borne decided to design t-shirts to raise money for her recovery. 

"I just added the 'In this family, no one fights alone' because it's so true and it's very applicable in this situation. In the sense of that comradery but I also wanted that visual reminder for her every time she saw those shirts that people care and support her," said Borne. 

Borne said Barrett has spent close to two decades of her life serving the city and our country. 

She spent 11 years with APD and nine and a half in the U.S. Army. "I can't fix her physical problems, but if we can step in and help the financial part and take away that stress that's what I always try to do with the fundraising.  I want her to know that she's not alone, and we're all here for her and going to stay there and continue to give her love and support along the way."

All of the proceeds from t-shirts sales will go directly to Barrett and her family.  

Borne says the t-shirts will be on sale till Monday Sept. 10. 
So far 1,000 t-shirts have been sold and more than $20,000 has been raised.

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