Former FOX 7 intern and UT Grad begins global conversation with #whatimmigrantslooklike

The fallout continues against Donald Trump's comments. 

In addition to Univision and other companies that have dropped deals with him, a social media campaign has sprung up taking him to task too.


A former FOX 7 intern who is a recent UT grad decided to get on Twitter to show Donald Trump what immigrants really look like and she's getting a little help from people around the world.

Liliana Llamas' parents emigrated to the U.S. from Mexico.  She and her siblings were born and raised here.

“To feel like my parents aren't accepted the way I've been accepted is hurtful.”

That's why the former fox seven intern sprung to action after hearing Donald Trump's comments last week.

“Just like there are rapists in America there are rapists in Mexico, there are rapists everywhere so to narrow one group down to a certain trait is mean and hurtful not just to Mexican immigrants.”

Inspired by the “Black lives matter” campaign, on Wednesday Liliana posted this picture on Twitter with the hashtag what immigrants look like by Thursday afternoon, it was trending with thousands joining her movement

 “What this has done it’s brought together not just Latinos but immigrants from around the world who are standing up and saying hey, we are more than that.”

People who have never met but are bound by the fabric their parents have woven -- to give their children a better life

 “So many young adults are tweeting about their parents saying my parents work the field but look at where I am today. Today I am an educator, today I am at college, today I opened my own business.”

There has been some backlash to the campaign but the recent UT grad says it's nothing compared to its support.

“I think it's awesome that this many people are positively using this to put out there everything that many people don't know.”

And she hopes the message makes it’s way back to Donald Trump.

“For him to scroll down and say maybe I was wrong, that would be amazing.”

Check out many of the tweets here.