Former Gov. Mike Huckabee talks about upcoming run for President

A potential presidential candidate made a stop in Austin and talked about the upcoming race.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was in the capital city on a book tour. Huckabee's book is titled "God, Guns, Grits and Gravy."

The former governor made it pretty clear that a presidential run is in his near future.

"I think it's pretty evident just by leaving the FOX show that I didn't do that just to have Saturdays at home. So I'm moving towards that decision, but officially announcing it and putting everything together will be later in the spring," Huckabee said.

One week ago, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he would not run again in 2016.

"I'm hoping all the other potential candidates will drop out and that will make my decision much easier," said Huckabee.

Even without Romney, this year could have the longest list of potential republican candidates compared to any previous year, but Huckabee said that's a good thing.

"The strong competition is good for us all," said Huckabee.

Thursday, a line of Huckabee supporters waited to talk to the former governor during a book signing. Several people at the book signing said they hope to see Huckabee's name on the ballot in 2016.

"I think there's a lot of conservative, hard-working people who are looking for somebody who's going to be a representative of them and not big government and big industry," said Mark Nash who drove from Elgin to meet Huckabee.

"He wants to make a good, positive change for America, which we need," said Mariah Pronsky who lives in Austin.

Huckabee already took a shot at a presidential campaign in 2008, but ultimately didn't win the Republican nomination.

"In fact, sometimes I think I was campaigning harder for other people than I ever did for myself," said Huckabee.

This time around Huckabee hopes to be a bigger contender.