Former UT football player Kendall Sanders faced the young woman who has accused him of rape

Former U.T.  Football player Kendall Sanders Tuesday faced the young woman who has accused him of rape. The jury was told the woman, a junior at U.T., - identified as Jane Doe - had gone to the dorm room of another football player - Montrell Meander - to  have sex.

Prosecutors argue the sex stop being consensual after Kendall Sanders entered the room. Jane Doe testified she told sanders old she wasn't interested in having sex with him. But he responded by saying, “you’re going to like it."

Doe also stated she felt “alone and worthless” and that Sanders, “treated me like I was worthless.”

Investigators said both men engaged in sex with the woman, and at one point Jane Doe claims “I asked him could you use a condom and they laughed."

After the incident, Jane Doe went down to the front desk at the dorm and hid under a desk until police arrived. Sanders defense attorney, Brian Roark, argued investigators were too quick to believe the rape accusation and he was ready to respond to Jane Doe’s testimony.

“You cross examined, her story has never been challenged once, and it’s about to be,” said Roark.

Defense attorneys questioned Jane Doe about being at bars on 6th St. with sanders and meander before going to the dorm. There were also questions about conflicting statements regarding whether or not Jane Doe tried to get sanders to buy her drinks. She also denied a claim she flashed her breasts while at the bars, and that the two men told her they were a package deal before going to the dorm.

The defense also claims medical exams of jane doe do not show that DNA from sanders was never recovered from jane doe's body or clothing.  It was also pointed out that Jane Doe claimed she scratched sanders, but he DNA wasn’t found under her finger nails and no scratches were found on his body.