Formula 1 at COTA draws thousands of fans from around the world

Hundreds of thousands of fans are at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) for Formula 1. 

"We're here for everyone...every racer... we have different shirts," two women from Puerto Rico said. "Testosterone with gasoline, baby."

The whole experience was enjoyable for both longtime fans and people who have never been to COTA before. 

Some of those competing also shared their love for Austin.


"It's just a fun place, especially the people, very energetic, very charismatic, and it just adds to the atmosphere," British driver Lando Norris said.

"Austin, first of all, the city is cool. I've seen it develop over the last 12 years, that I've visited here regularly," Finnish driver Valterri Bottas said. 

"It just brings such a good vibe and such a good energy to the whole place, and it just makes you smile you know, gives you a good boost, gets you excited, it's more the people, the people make it a lot of fun," Norris said.

Many people from out of town know exactly what they're going to eat while here in Texas. 

"Barbecue it is, good steak, I love it," one man from the Netherlands said.

"There's so much good coffee, good food, lots of things to do," Bottas said.

"Iron Works, Terry Black's, all the important ones," Norris said.