Fort Worth murder suspect tracked down in Austin two years after alleged crime

Two years after a murder in Fort Worth, the suspected killer was tracked down in Austin

After two years on the run, 21-year-old Jesus Jimenez-Gomez was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force on Oct. 10. 

He is a suspect in the Jan. 11, 2021, murder of 25-year-old Rashad Johnson on East Cannon Street in Fort Worth.

According to the arrest warrant, Jimenez-Gomez was in a car with two others when they shot Johnson. Johnson was an associate of one of the others. 

Jimenez-Gomez was known to live in Austin. Officials tracked him down after figuring out the owner of the car was his uncle. In October 2022, a warrant was out for Jimenez-Gomez's arrest. 

The U.S. Marshals North Texas Fugitive Task Force in Fort Worth asked for help from the Austin division to find him. 

"About a month after that request, there were numerous interviews that were conducted with known associates, family members, which yielded no positive return," Brandon Filla, Deputy U.S. Marshal, said. "When you're looking at a fugitive investigation over the course of 11 months, you start to learn a lot about them."

At one point, authorities observed Jimenez-Gomez in a vehicle. 

"Jimenez-Gomez fled out that passenger side door in an apartment complex and was able to get away from authorities at that time," Filla said. "These task force members were able to reactivate that investigation over an 11-month span of nothing in the sand, no tracks."

21-year-old Jesus Jimenez-Gomez


They got a new lead that led them to an apartment complex on West Slaughter Lane in south Austin.

"Jimenez-Gomez was observed outside the apartment where he went back inside the apartment, and that's when the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force surrounded and approached that specific unit and were able to take Jimenez-Gomez into custody without incident," Filla said. 

At this point, it's not clear whose address that is. 

The U.S. Marshals say they will keep working to bring closure to victims' families. 

"We continue to apprehend and locate dangerous individuals in our community that commit these violent crimes," Filla said.