Forum discusses location of proposed shelter, prohibitions on camping

A community forum on the proposed location of a South Austin homeless shelter was held Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, a proposal was released by the city council that identifies places that ban camping in certain locations of Austin. 

One of the panelists, Deon Joseph, a law enforcement consultant from Skid Row, says it's not called crime stop, it's called crime control. If the city can control the little things, eventually bigger things will be controlled. 

Adler says four people on city council came up with clarifying and defining prohibitions on camping, sitting and lying in certain public areas, like West Campus, Central East Austin and within a three-block area of the ARCH downtown.

The plan was made public for everyone Tuesday.

At the forum held in the cafeteria of Galindo Elementary, the community had many questions, such as where will the homeless population go if there's only one homeless camp.

The proposed South Austin shelter would be located close to Galindo Elementary and a nearby neighborhood.

The city council anticipates to hear from the public on September 18 and then take action on September 20.