Founding father Jose Antonio Navarro receives Austin monument

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There was a special ceremony Friday at the Texas State Cemetery.

One of Texas's founding fathers was finally properly recognized.

A memorial marker was dedicated to Jose Antonio Navarro.

Navarro formed a strong friendship with Stephen F. Austin and helped the fledgling republic get on its feet.

He also signed the Texas Declaration of Independence and was imprisoned in Mexico after the Sante Fe Expedition and was sentenced to death.

Navarro eventually escaped and went on to support Texas's annexation into the United States, helping to draft the state constitution.

He served in both the State House of Representatives and the State Senate.

Throughout his life he championed the idea of Texas and tried to protect Tejano rights.

"It's freezing and we have over 300 people here today who know this is a long time coming. A lot of times we forget those heroes those people who have really made the foundation of our state, who loved liberty and this is one more example. Jose Antonio Navarro a true patriot of Texas," said former state Senator Leticia Van De Putte.

The Texas State Cemetery hosts 20,000 school children a year and about 5,000 adults.

With a prominent spot in the cemetery's oldest and most prestigious areas, the Navarro Memorial will be seen by school children and visitors alike.