FOX 7 Care Force: Discount cards for veterans

Although it may look like your average discount card, the people at RX Gift Card say it's anything but. Company co-founder Del Kolbe explained the basic proposition of their card.

"You get a card for free that's gonna get you up to 80% off your prescription drugs who would say no to that?" asked Del Kobe. Sound too good to be true, well you'll be able to decide soon enough, they're in talks with some major pharmacy retailers to make the cards available to everyone.

RX Gift Cards say it's working with a large company that negotiates drug prices with the big retailers and drug manufacturers. "They work the magic as far as the discount goes. We work the magic getting the discount to the people and then in turn educating them on how to load that card and send it to their loved ones," explains Del Kolbe. 

And that's the unique thing about the cards, they've applied fo a patent to make the RX Gift Card the only one to be a drug discount card and a gift that you can put money into it. And it's not just the card, there's an app so you don't need the physical card to use it.

So they say it will save people money and users will be able to see how much they will be saving. "Uou can actually compare on our website so you can pull up pricing info on local large retail pharmacies to see how many savings you'd be getting for a particular prescription."

Nique Mayo is the daughter of a veteran, in fact everyone in the room is either a veteran or the child of a veteran and that's a primary reason they're working with the VFW, the American legion and disabled veterans of America to make sure these cards get into the hands of veterans.

"They've served our country their families have given up a lot and it makes sense because the families are getting no benefit, once they leave the military they get no benefit, the service member the vet can go to the va and get meds and services but the family can't, they don't qualify."