FOX 7 Care Force: Vandry Hope Foundation

In the FOX 7 Care Force, we want to introduce you to the 'grass roots' of helping veterans get through physical and mental struggles. The Vandry Hope Foundation is small, it is a mom and pop operation. 

Thanks to their commitment though, they are making a big difference for the veterans they see. 

So why is an Army brat, a Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor and his Navy veteran spouse helping veterans struggling with pain? The one word answer is - honor. 

"If you can make a difference with one person that's worth it," says William Vandry. 

So what exactly does the Vandry Foundation do? "Vets have come to us with pain, stress, anxiety, can't sleep...they're tired of opiods..they want some hope. So we give them knowledge about alternatives that we know about and we've tried. We are not prescribing, we are not doctors but we say what we've found and the options, and we've had some great success with that."

The Vandry Hope Foundation was created two years ago and operates out of a studio in North Austin. 

To learn more about the Vandry Hope Foundation you can click here.