FOX 7 Debate: Special session in Texas

Texas lawmakers will return to Austin for a special session next week. 

Just seven weeks after the regular session ended in a bit of chaos with a scuffle breaking out on the Texas House floor. On May 29, Republican lawmaker Matt Rinaldi told several House Democrats he called ICE on protestors in the gallery because he claimed they had caused repeated interruptions on the last day of the regular session. 

All of this over SB4, the anti-sanctuary cities bill which Governor Greg Abbott signed into law on June 6. 

The governor set the date for the special session saying lawmakers failed to pass a simple law that would prevent the state's medical boards from shutting down. That is the sunset law. 

Abbott also announced 19 other items he wants including property taxes, school finance reform, teacher raises, the bathroom bill and cracking down on mal-in ballot fraud. Joining us for more insight is Ed Espinoza from Progress Texas and Travis County GOP chairman, Matt Mackowiak.