FOX 7 Debates: Clinton and Sanders battle for California

We are exactly one week away from one of the biggest deciders before the presidential election. An estimated 172 delegates are at stake in the California Primary and candidate Hillary Clinton needs just 73 to take the party nomination.

It's a contentious race, and polls have been differing in the weeks leading up to the primary. We'll show you what we're talking about. In a poll last week from the Public Policy Institute of California, Clinton and Bernie Sanders were pretty much neck-and-neck, 46% to 44%.

But it's a different story this week, in a Hoover institution Golden State poll. Clinton has a commanding lead over sanders, 51% to 38%.

So what does this all mean for the candidates, with just one week to go? Joining FOX 7's Mike Warren to talk about this: Ed Espinoza, executive director of Progress Texas, and G.O.P consultant Matt Mackowiak.