FOX 7 Discussion: Americans hate the new Texas abortion law

Americans are weighing in on the Texas abortion law and most are against it with 54 percent believing the Supreme Court failed by not acting to stop the Texas law

The new Monmouth University poll also asked Americans about certain aspects of the law, including if they approved of having private citizens use lawsuits to enforce this law instead of having government prosecutors handle these cases.

70 percent disapproved of using private citizens, versus the twenty two percent that approved. When asked if they approved of giving ten thousand dollars to private citizens who successfully file abortion lawsuits, eighty one percent disapproved, while 14 percent are in favor of allowing citizens to receive abortion bounties. 

Former Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey and Diana Gomez, the advocacy director for Progress Texas, join Mike Warren to talk about a new Monmouth University poll about the abortion law.

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