FOX 7 Discussion: Ridesharing in Texas

A bill that would overrule Austin's ridesharing ordinance is one signature away from becoming law. 

House Bill 100 has passed the Texas Senate and is awaiting the signature of the Texas Governor Greg Abbott. 

HB 100 requires ridesharing companies to comply with state regulations and pay state fees. The companies would no longer have to submit to city regulations, including fingerprint background checks. 

Voters in Austin decided last May to allow the city to move forward with requirements including fingerprint checks for all ridesharing drivers. When those requirements were put in place, Uber and Lyft stopped operations in the city and other companies like RideAustin, Fare and Fasten took over. 

Joining us to discuss HB 100 and the future of ridesharing in Austin is city councilmember Ellen Troxclair.