FOX 7 Discussion: Texas to audit 2020 election results for Trump

Gov. Greg Abbott was asked about the new Texas election audit yesterday on Fox News Sunday, specifically if the audit came in direct response to former President Trump asking for one.

Abbott responded saying "These audits that the state of Texas is doing, they actually began months ago because the secretary of state of Texas has an obligation to make sure that we do conduct audits in the state of Texas and they have to be done in a way before any evidence of about it would be eliminated, which will be next September."

Last Thursday afternoon, former President Trump posted a letter to Abbott saying, "Despite my big win in Texas, I hear Texans want an election audit. You know, your fellow Texans have big questions about the November 2020 election." 

Just hours later, the Texas secretary of state's office released this statement saying the audit had already begun. However, three of the counties being audited, Harris, Dallas and Tarrant counties, say they didn't know about the 2020 audit until they saw the same press release everybody else saw, which raises some doubt on the governor's claim that the audits were already underway. 

Former Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey and senior strategist Glenn Smith from Progress Texas join Mike Warren to talk about the audit of the 2020 election results.

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