FOX 7 speaks with mother of Army veteran killed on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, we learned about the tragic death of an Army veteran in Round Rock. On Monday, we're hearing from his mother. She is outraged that the suspected drunk driver, who hit him, is not facing stricter punishment.

The family of 25-year-old Domonick Turner is in town from North Carolina. They know little details about what led to his death, and are demanding answers. Before Sharon knew of her son's death, she said the man who caused it was already free.

"I thought he would spend a couple days in jail and he did not," said Sharon Turner, mother.

They were hoping for a different outcome, and still are. 25-year-old Army Veteran Domonick Turner was riding his motorcycle on Veterans Day, heading to Austin Bergstrom International Airport to fly out for an interview.
Officers say that's when 31-year-old John McClintock, who was going northbound in the southbound lanes of I-35, struck and killed him.

"I just don't have words. We're empty, we're lost. There's something sucked out of my heart and it will never be back," says Turner.

Court documents show McClintock told officers he was trying to get home to San Marcos, but had taken a wrong turn.

He admitted to drinking five beers and taking three shots of whiskey prior to getting behind the wheel. 

"I mean, he knew he was drunk. He was throwing up. I mean, everybody drinks but if you're that drunk, why can't you sit in the parking lot and sleep it off? Why is it so necessary for you to get in your car and take somebody else's life?" said Turner.

McClintock was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter. Under his bail condition, it says within 30 days of release he must install an ignition interlock device on his vehicle.

In the event that he doesn't have one, he is required to install a home alcohol monitoring unit. The family says that's not enough.

"He could go out and borrow his sister's car, his mom's car. He could go do it again and the next time it could be your child," said Turner.

The Turner family came to the Austin-area from North Carolina to have Domonick cremated. They have also been meeting with city and county officials, searching for answers as to what led up to the accident and why the suspect was released so quickly.

"Now we won't have his grandchildren. He's 25. My husband doesn't have a best friend anymore. There's a gentleman, John McClintock, who's out there still driving around," said Turner.

Turner served six years in the Army as a helicopter mechanic. He did two tours in Afghanistan and then served one year in the National Guard.

"My son, he was awesome. He was wonderful. He was our hero. He had an older brother, older sister. The older brother said he was his hero. He went all over the world," said Turner.

The family is meeting with the Round Rock Police Department on Tuesday. In the meantime, they are asking for your prayers.