FOX 7 Unplugged: Donovan Keith

The man who never stops moving. First known as the founder and frontman of Soul Track Mind, Donovan Keith embodies the ideals of both stunning vocal ability and infectiously frenetic showmanship.

The mystery has yet to be solved: How can a mild-mannered ginger sing AND dance like that?

A native Midwesterner, Donovan chose Austin, Texas, to cultivate his music dreams and moved across the country with no job, friends, or family to receive him and no experience in leading the band he was about to form.

Soul Track Mind grew into an outlet for Donovan’s love of soul and R&B music and gave him the perfect vehicle for his first years of development as a songwriter and performer.

2018 brought Donovan a massive infusion of attention, launched with an incendiary performance on the Mohawk stage in January for Black Fret, a music patronage organization whose members seek out the best Austin-based talent and support those artists with a wildly enthusiastic fan community, professional mentoring, and financial support to elevate them to the next level.

In December, Black Fret members recognized Donovan with a $20,000 grant, opening more options and opportunity for a 2019 that is sure to be astonishing.

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