FOX 7 Unplugged: Austin Gilliam

Using his own transformative voice, Gilliam released his own, critically-acclaimed debut EP shortly after moving to Austin, Texas.

FOX 7 Unplugged: The Moriah Sisters

The Moriah Sisters consists of four women of God: Cynthia Reliford, Janice Lee, LaTrice Pool, and Phelicia Brown. They are a fixture of the Austin community and have been singing throughout the state of Texas.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Christine Renner

Christine has a passion to create, express, entertain, and give her audience an unforgettable performance that will have them coming back for more.

FOX 7 Unplugged: John Arthur Martinez

In 2004, Martinez released a studio album for Dualtone Records, which produced one single on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Jackie Venson

Obsessed with music from an early age, singer/songwriter Jackie Venson immersed herself in its study, attending the Berklee College of Music to practice classical piano.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Part two of Chubby Knuckle Choir

With thoughtfully crafted tunes and lyrics that catch you off guard with their clarity and brutal honesty, the band delivers quality entertainment without any pretense and takes things back to the days of accessible, self-deprecating live shows. 

FOX 7 Unplugged: JB Boone

J.B. Boone makes all sorts of noises, very few of which anyone wants to listen to. His music, he hopes, is the exception. 

FOX 7 Unplugged: The Iveys

The Iveys have been touching the hearts of listeners for years with sincere sounds and captivating lyrics.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Donovan Keith

The man who never stops moving. First known as the founder and frontman of Soul Track Mind, Donovan Keith embodies the ideals of both stunning vocal ability and infectiously frenetic showmanship.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Granville Automatic

With influences as diverse as The Smiths, Emmylou Harris, Simon & Garfunkel and Dawes, Granville Automatic has created a one-of-a-kind sound that revolves around their passion for storytelling.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Dale & Waylon

Dale & Waylon are the combination of Jake Waylon Lehman and Ryan Dale Davenport. Lifelong friends, at times  roommates, extended family, and co-writers.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Guy Forsyth

The remarkable voice of Jeska Forsyth, who married Guy early in 2018 is the Yin to Guy Forsyth's Yang. Jeska, a singer since childhood, started performing in 3rd Grade theatre and never stopped.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Chubby Knuckle Choir

Music fans are looking for something new; to get something unexpected in their music experience. The Chubby Knuckle Choir hailing from Central Texas offers such an experience. Their style ranges from Americana to R&B or in a term Acid Funk-Soulgrass.

FOX 7 Unplugged: Myke Miller

Myke Miller was born in a small refinery town on the Texas coast and was immersed in music at a young age when his mom married a drummer.

FOX 7 Unplugged: The Matt Gilmour Band

For a long time, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Matt Gilmour didn't take life very seriously. He didn't have to.  He was in love, young and healthy, and music was in his genes.