FOX 7 Unplugged: The Iveys

The Iveys have been touching the hearts of listeners for years with sincere sounds and captivating lyrics.

A wild group of siblings born and raised on the Western tip of Texas on the farmlands of the Rio Grande, The Iveys have a history that is as interesting as their sound: experimenting with harmonies while wandering the dirt roads of the El Paso lower valley, the Ivey siblings have been making music together since childhood.

Inspired by classic rock like the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel as well as soulful legends like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, The Iveys music grew into an indie folk style strengthened by stellar harmonies and infused with a signature vibe of indie honesty such as that felt with the music of The Avett Brothers, The Eagles, Needtobreathe, and Matchbox Twenty.

With the addition of new band members, the band is currently focused on the creation of new sounds and the promise of emerging collaborations.

The Iveys are presently scheduled to perform in their local region of West Texas and the New Mexico area while stirring up their listeners to prepare for an exciting and fresh adventure of musical artistry that will reach far and wide.

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