FOX 7 Unplugged: The Matt Gilmour Band

For a long time, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Matt Gilmour didn't take life very seriously. He didn't have to.  He was in love, young and healthy, and music was in his genes.

However, a series of painful and transformative events found him heartbroken, fighting for his life, and facing some serious realizations. "After I was diagnosed with cancer, something in me changed," Matt shares. "I was fed up with who I was, and I knew I needed to start many things in my life from scratch."

Today, through brave introspection and hard work, Matt has emerged triumphant with his life reclaimed. The English-born, Austin, Texas-based artist is now making music on his own terms with his band of brothers in The Matt Gilmour Band. He's forging his own legacy with a distinct cinematic psych-rock aesthetic and a ground-breaking live performance streaming series. 

The Matt Gilmour Band is an interstellar vehicle that plays psychedelic rock with touches of prog, blues, indie, folk, and funk. The band is a collaborative effort under the banner of The Matt Gilmour Band.

"There is no way I could do this without the guys. They're amazing musicians and amazing friends," Matt says. In addition to Matt, the band features A.J. Vincent on keys, and Mike Hidalgo on drums.

The Matt Gilmour Band gigs regionally and nationally, often performing with dazzling light show accompaniment. Up next, The Matt Gilmour Band are concentrating on its innovative series of streaming performances, the band's recorded output, and performing live regionally and nationally.

At the moment, Matt says, the band is enjoying a wellspring of creativity.  "It feels really like everything is taking off now. There is this wonderful unspoken energy and excitement that's unquantifiable. I am looking so forward to the future," he says.

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